We are the Virtual Coach Collective, a community for established & aspiring coaches.

Coaching is a fast growing industry (worth $20 B in 2022).

And for good reason! Coaches have the ability to plant seeds of transformation in health, careers, organizations, and the world.

Building a successful coaching business requires a distinct skillset from being a great coach. You’ll need to set up a practice. Learn marketing, personal branding, course creation, social media. Your training never covered it, but you need these skills.

That’s why the Virtual Coach Collective exists: so that you can learn from your colleagues.

Even though you talk to clients all day, coaching can be a lonely job. There is so much that you cannot talk about. Your friends and family may not fully understand what it is that you do. In the VCC, you can build authentic connections with people who understand.

You know that coaching has a big impact. But not everyone does.

For us to grow, we will need to advocate for each other and advocate for the coaching field.

The VCC is a space to learn, share resources, and create authentic professional connections.

If you are a coach who sees the value of community, please apply here.

We’re looking forward to getting to know you!